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Full 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Refuses to Consider Texas Law Shuttering Abortion Clinics Statewide, Leaving Women without Safe, Legal Health Care Options

(PRESS RELEASE) The full U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has refused to reconsider the constitutionality of two provisions of Texas’ HB2, a measure that has shuttered abortion providing clinics statewide…

Texas Health Care Providers Take Fight for Abortion Access to U.S. Supreme Court

(PRESS RELEASE) Following a decision Thursday from the U.S…

Organization of American States Links Abortion Restrictions to Violence Against Women; Calls on Governments to Decriminalize Abortion

(PRESS RELEASE) For the first time ever a committee within the Organization of American States (OAS)—considered to be the United Nations for the Americas—is recommending that all governments decriminalize abortion in cases of rape and incest, when the woman’s health or life is at risk…

New Lawsuit Challenges Unconstitutional Oklahoma Abortion Restrictions

(PRESS RELEASE) The Center for Reproductive Rights filed a new lawsuit in state court today challenging an Oklahoma law

New Report Debunks Politicians’ Disingenuous Claims about Protecting Women’s Health and Safety in Passing Abortion Restrictions

(PRESS RELEASE) States with the highest number of abortion restrictions have the poorest health outcomes and least supportive policies for women and children, according to a new report jointly issued today by the Center for Reproductive Rights and

New Lawsuit Seeks to Block Restrictions on Non-Surgical Abortion in Oklahoma

(PRESS RELEASE) Women’s health care providers filed a new lawsuit in state court today challenging Oklahoma’s unconstitutional restrictions on non-surgical…

Center for Reproductive Rights Brings Forced Sterilization Case of HIV Positive Woman to Human Rights Commission

(PRESS RELEASE) More than a decade after a Chilean woman was forcibly sterilized because she is living with HIV, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights announced that it will hear her case—the first-ever forced sterilization case for a person living with HIV in Latin…

United Nations Calls on Governments to Promote Safe Pregnancy and Child Birth

(PRESS RELEASE) The United Nations Human Right Council unanimously passed its fifth resolution on preventable maternal deaths, urging all U.N.