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Maternal Death

The U.S. Legal Department strives to protect and advance reproductive liberty and access to reproductive health care in the United States by employing diverse strategies grounded in CRR's legal expertise.

To learn more about the different areas of our work, please check out our U.S. litigation, advocacy work in Washington, D.C. and the states, U.S.-based human rights work, and our Law School Initiative.

The Center's litigation work in the United States seeks to broadly promote reproductive rights. Our goals include:

  • Securing recognition that reproductive freedom is both a fundamental constitutional right and a human right that the government is obligated to respect, protect and fulfill;
  • Ensuring that all women have access to safe and affordable contraception;
  • Protecting women’s access to safe, legal and affordable abortion services;
  • Ensuring that adolescents have access to reproductive health services; that adolescents’ confidentiality is protected in their pursuit of those services; and that adolescents have access to age-appropriate, comprehensive sexuality education;
  • Defending abortion providers against unreasonable government actions

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Preventing Maternal Death

Maureen, a maternal health advocate in Uganda, remembers losing her cousin—a young woman in her first year of university. During a secret abortion performed in haste, her intestines were accidentally pierced…

Evaluating Priorities: Measuring Women’s and Children’s Health and Well-being against Abortion Restrictions in the States

In recent years, abortion restrictions have begun passing at an alarming rate; from 2011 to 2013 states enacted 205 new restrictions on abortion, more than were enacted in the entire previous decade. Why?…

United Nations Calls on Governments to Promote Safe Pregnancy and Child Birth

(PRESS RELEASE) The United Nations Human Right Council unanimously passed its fifth resolution on preventable maternal deaths, urging all U.N.

From Risk to Rights: Realizing States’ Obligations to Prevent and Address Maternal Mortality

During the past several decades, sexual and reproductive rights advocates have transformed the global community’s understanding of maternal mortality and morbidity, framing it as a clear violation of women’s fundamental human rights…

Spotlighting Racial Bias

In LaKeisha’s hometown of Atlanta, African American women die in childbirth at a rate more than three times the national average. Following an emergency c-section, LaKeisha experienced a brush with this unsettling statistic when she developed a…

Reproductive Injustice: Racial and Gender Discrimination in U.S. Health Care

When it ratified the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD), the United States committed to ensure the right to health care free from all forms of racial discrimination to all within its borders. Yet, as the U.S. prepares to report to the U.N…

Alyne v. Brazil: Case of Alyne da Silva Pimentel Teixeira (“Maternal Mortality”) v. Brazil

Alyne, a 28-year-old Afro-Brazilian woman, died of complications resulting from pregnancy after a private and then a public health center denied her quality maternal health care…

Shaming El Salvador on the Global Stage

Manuela’s story is the stuff of nightmares. The young mother from El Salvador had not been feeling well for several years. She sought medical attention for what seemed to be tumors on her neck, but received no treatment or diagnosis—just some pain killers…

Case Of Pregnant Woman Beaten And Denied Care At Local Hospital Brought To Kenyan High Court

(PRESS RELEASE) The case of Josephine Majani, whose story of being physically and verbally abused by nurses and repeatedly denied quality medical care at Bungoma District Hospital was widely covered by Kenyan news outlets last year, has now been brought to the High Court of Kenya by the…