Bans on Abortion at 20 Weeks: Unconstitutional, Unconscionable, and Unwarranted


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The Supreme Court has ruled time and again that liberty is at the core of a woman’s right to control her destiny and her body, including decisions about whether ending or continuing a pregnancy is the best option for her. Every woman is fully capable of making thoughtful choices about her family, future, and reproductive health on her own, and must be allowed to do so with the advice of the health care professional she trusts and without unwarranted interference from politicians who presume to know better. Lawmakers have no more business playing doctor and dictating medical procedures than they do imposing their judgment on a woman’s private medical decisions. The proliferation of attempts to outlaw abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy represent ongoing efforts to redefine our constitutional rights and insert politicians into our personal health care decisions. Bans on abortion at twenty weeks are unconstitutional, unconscionable, and unwarranted. State and national lawmakers alike should focus on advancing real measures to protect women’s health and well-being, not dangerous political measures that deny women access to critical care.